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 Phoetry of Love

Where Photography and Poetry Make Love

Salid Sims

Salid Sims grew up the second child of four. He was born in Greenville, SC, and reared in a Christian/Bible-based home. His father went to prison when He was 16 and Salid immediately went into a survival mode.
Focusing on caring for his mother, siblings, and himself.

After receiving his GED at age 27, earning an associate degree in business management and certification in Robotics Salid is an entrepreneur. He hosts his own podcast, Kingshid Talk on his YouTube Channel, Kingshid Productions. Salid is an avid chess player and enjoys reading. He especially enjoyed watching movies with loved ones.

Salid Sims is a very observant person who is always
optimistic and encouraging. He believes that the only thing a person needs for success is determination, drive, a strategy, and self-love.


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Born in the Virgin Islands.
Jah'Kali's passion and love of photography was birthed from constant daydreaming. As a young girl she found herself wondering about the "Why's" of nature and the beauty of the world.

Jah'Kali received her 1st camera at the age of 15 and took pictures on her family trip to Disney World. After experiencing the joy pictures brought to friends and family, that moment sparked a love that stuck with her.

Over the years, Jah'Kali has traveled to various places making a portfolio that encompasses a wide range of subjects, from stunning landscapes to love. 

"I enjoy that orgasmic vibe of taking pictures then watching others Full-Joy."

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